Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Starry Nite!!

here it goes...

All of the SALSA's (A-Levels Association) committee decided to have a so called 'farewell' dinner for those who r in the last semester,which is obviously me and my,we decided to have the event on the 4th december 2008. After our trials which ended on the 28th November,all of us were very bz with the preparations for the event. Im in charge of the decorations. Im grateful that 2 of my frens which is Lihui and Su Reen who volunteered to help out with the decorations in the hall. Well,I dun noe how to express my gratitude to both of u but deep in my heart,both of u had done a good deed and God will bless both of u alwiz..thank u so much girls..i love u all so much!!!

However,despite all the hard works, for the last 2 days before the dinner, we actually found out that all of our decoration materials had been thrown away by the Nepalist workers. All of us got so freaked out and was blurred..few of my frens went to search in every garbage bin all over the campus to search for our masterpieces, but luckily,we managed to retrived sum but not all...we have to redo everything all over again..sighhhhh.....without wasting much time,all of us resume our 'job' wth the help of other committee members and volunteered students as well...THANK U!!!!

Lihui.She was bz spraying those stars with black sprays with glitters on it.

Su Reen,She was bz pasting manila cardboards on the styrofome

Mon, she's our deco team leader

lastly,myself and Aileen


I had so much fun on that night itself as there're lots of performances on the stage...we danced all night long till all of us got so exhausted.
Unfortunately,me and my frens didnt manage to eat much on that nite cuz there were not enough food to cater for all of us cuz there were quite a number of students who managed to 'seep' into the hall without tickets..sad case rite??not civilise at all...

me and Angel

well,it was a success actually because we sold about more than 100 tickets which we have never expected to sell that much.
After the dinner,we hanged up in mamak stall to get sum bites before going back to our hostel..that's for all..hehehe...muakkkssss!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where is my next destination??

this will be my latest post after so is not easy babe!!!
im trying my very best to do well in my very last semester in college matter how hard it is,i'll definitely strive hard for it!!
Well,most of my classmates are applying for Uni now for twinning programme..most of the courses which i heard most of the time among my classmates are pharmacy,dentistry and sick of hearing them siut!!!aghhhh!!!!!
i gt so worried each time we discuss about which uni to go to,which course to take and etc...sighhh...i dunno y m i acting this way..maybe im afraid that i cant enroll the course that i want in the particular university that im interested at..
Basically,i was hoping to go to Singapore to further my tertiary education since my brothers r there..but...but..i was afraid that my results for A levels wont fulfill their requirement there..lots of obstacles to go through though..well,juz hope for the best then..
furthermore,i hope that i'll enjoy my Uni life there too as my college life in UCSI kinda was very fun during the 1st sem here where i have lots of fun crapping,crack jokes and laugh like crazy kiddo like no one's bussiness with my fellow buddies,which is Lou Shi(Jess) and Lihui..but now seems to be so so so quiet and bored becoz lou shi(rat) is no longer staying in hostel anymore,she travels to and fro from her place; Kepong to college everyday nowadays..I really miss her a lot..i miss the days we spent with each other..well,i still have Lihui here..i do go to her room sumtimes but it's not as often as it was when we were in 1st sem as im afraid that i might disturb her,i prefer spending most of my time in my,sleep and doing this everyday!!I want to do something more adventurous perhaps..well,i can do something adventurous if i want to, but each time when i look at my roomate studying very hard(which i adore her the most).burning midnight oil everyday..i mean everyday!! and have her sleep for like...ermm...4 hours a day, i'll alwiz ask myself whether did i put any effort in my studies juz like her??why i cant be like her??she doesnt feel tired of studying the whole day??i really adore her..!!well,i noe i did study hard but not as hardworking as her,i'll ended up studying, studying and .......infinite........bored!!MY COLLEGE LIFE IS SUCKS!!!!
i hope that i finish my course as soon as possible and move on to the next destination of my life and live life to the fullest!!!!!
it's 1.30am now,gotta sleep ald..will continue more tomorrow..chaozz...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blood donation!!

Fuh!!! i went for blood donation yesterday!!
this was my 1st time donating blood!!
God!!is so scary weh..
when i went to the place,i dun feel like donating as there're so many students waiting there and i gt scared looking at those big packets of blood...but aneway,i decided to give it a try..haha..
when i was waiting for my turn,..there was a gurl looks very very pale,almost faint but didnt..(thank god)..but the scariest part is her heads keep shaking as if she was in a situation with high dosage of drugs...walaoweh!!a lesson to everybody..

1. Don't donate blood if ur body is weak
2. Don't stand up immediately after the blood for about 5 mins
3. Eat proper meal before the blood donation..don't ever go with empty stomach

This is me!!!

    Look at the packet of blood!! scary rite??!haha..Good experience!!i m waiting for the next blood donation!!hehe..

    ~THE END~

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chea Hong's farewell party

An outdated post...hhehe..
i should have publish this post last week..but due to time constraint,i decided to publish it today..hehe...
last Saturday night,dated 5th July 2008,we had a farewell part at Windmill,Melaka Raya for our beloved fren,Chea Hong..
she'll b leaving to India for 5 years to further her studies in Dentistry..COOL rite??haha..i wonder when it's gonna be my turn to study abroad..haha..nah..lets dun think bout it now..maybe in couple of years time..she totally has no idea that we're having a farewell party for her as we've told her earlier that we're celebrating Bee Fang's birthday instead..pity Bee Fang..hehe..i totally had a wonderful and superb time with my fellow frens,especiallywith Siang, Hui Qwan,Shi Ying and Sook peng..i've not seen them for a year and a half,after we left IJC..been reunited!!woohooo...!!!hahaha...i laughed like a crazy kiddo that night due to high alcoholic level in my blood..hahaha.nah..juz kidding!!i laughed a lot due to SIANG SHU HUA"S joke..kekeke...heh LADIES,i missed our schooling days a lot..especially with Vivian,Rachel,Celyn..we used to crack jokes whenever there's any free period and laugh loudly in class till get scolded by teacher or even by our frens sometimes..yeah!i noe we're pretty annoying sumtimes..or shall i say..all the time??haha..but...too bad..cannot be controlled lah...sorry ya..kekee..ok..stop the crap..continue bout Chea Hong's farewell..i ordered Hot and Spicy Fish Fillet that pic taken of it cuz it's a common meal in Malaysia..nothing special bout it..hhaha..after our meal,we spent our night there chit chatting till 11 something and not to forget,CAMWHORING of course..haha.. and after that, we headed to Jonker Street till 12am..not all of us went to Jonker..most of them has gone back home..alrite...i think that's for all..let the pictures do the talking then..

This is CHEA HONG!!

She was the centre of attraction that night without knowing it..hehe...she was so so so touched that we actually made an album specially for her so that she'll bring it to India..whenever she misses us,she juz has to flip and glance through all those sweet memories pictures she had with bunch of jokers,which is us of course, back in Malaysia..sweet rite??not my idea aneway!!haha..but i like the idea of producing an album for her..GREAT JOB!!

This is Siang!!!she is CRAZY(in a good way lah of course) and CUTE!!!!has very great sense of humour!!I LOVE YOU!!!hahaha...

Left: Hui Qwan,myself and Sook Peng

Su Yi and Rachel!!!

The ambasaddor of WINDMILL..hehehe

and finally,GROUP PICTURE!!All the best,LADIES and im looking forward for the next outing..GOOD LUCK,CHEA HONG!!!all of us gonna miss u tremendously...muahxx muahxx!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I miss my kor kor!!!

It has been a month ald my kor kor has left Malaysia..
i miss him soooooo much...
he's in Brazil now..hope he enjoy himself there and enjoy working as well...hehehe...
oh ya,my bro is taking nautical course in Singapore Polytechnic..
He's now working as an officer in a Marine company..
he travels a lot...real lot
walaowei!!!damn lucky siut..

lastly,juz wanna wish him all the best in everything and hope to see him soon..
muahhhhhxxxx!!! love u so much...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

frens outing!!

It's sunday again!!
I went out with Celyn, Chiew Ping and Rye..
as usual,we went to Mahkota Parade again......
dahhh...i went there for the 3rd time since i came back to Melaka for holiday siut..
getting bored of going there ald...
we went for BOWLING!!!i had so much fun there...
after that,we went for a show..'Made of Honour'...oh yeah!!nice show!!worth watching it..TRUST ME, BABE!!haha

Go!!go!!go!!masuk longkang!!!
hahaha...kidding kididng....

After the movie,we went back home.. BROKE!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Malacca Trip!!

Finally PAt and Wei Nan came to Melaka!!
this is a last minute plan actually..
on the day they reached Melaka, there're so many difficulties..

Firstly, they ask the one who in charge with the ticket thingy whether the bus will pass Ayer Keroh toll or Alor Gajah Toll...

the lady told them that it'll pass Ayer Keroh Toll..

If pass Ayer Keroh toll, they'll ask the bus driver to drop them at Melaka Mall
so,is easier for me to pick them up mah..
BUT,it doesn't turn out the way we planned..

Upon reaching Melaka,Pat saw the signboard written Cheng and asking me wat to do??

i was like..MY GOD!!(i was blur for a while)

Later on,i gave her a call,telling her to juz sit still in the bus..they'll lead her to Melaka Central..
Upon reaching there,Pat and Wei Nan wanted to take a cab to Melaka Mall..
but,unfortunately,the taxi driver took them to Dataran Pahlawan instead.. walaoweiii!!!i freaked out siut..

Matthew,(pat's hubby) was waiting for them at Jusco..he wanted to pick them up there as i was busy at Mahkota Parade to send my hp for repair..

me and Matt blurred for a moment..

Coincidentally,i was at MP..i walked across to Dataran to pick them..

THANK GOD!!!i've finally met them after so many changes in plan..hahaha..
later on,i brought them to MP for a while..
after that,i brought them to my house..Pat wanna change to her shorts..
about 3 something,i brought them to JONKER STREET to have chicken rice for their so called 'lunch'..hahaha
we meet Matthew there as well.. After lunch,we walked around the Stadhuys building as we were a tourist lah...kekeke.. we took some pics as well...

after that,we went for a ferry ride!! it cost us 5 bucks each!!

this picture was taken after the ferry ride..
then,we walked back to Jonker street to have cendol!!!




Wei Nan

after mum mum cendol,we jalan jalan at Jonker Street till night..

My tattoo!!!
around 10pm,we went to Wing's cafe..
no picture taken there as everyone is tired!!